Papa’s Closing
December 31, 2013

It is with great sorrow that we must announce that New Year’s Eve will be the final closing of Papa di Vino’s in its current location. We have appreciated each and every one of you for your loyalty and support over the past two and a half years that Jodie, Jill and I have had the privilege of owning and operating this truly magical place. It has been an incredibly wonderful part of each of our lives. As I am sure many of you know the trials and tribulations we have encountered in our current location, which has been what has facilitated this decision. We have not been able to provide for our customers in the manner which we feel you all deserve.
All is not lost. We plan to take a step back and regroup and reorganize with the hope of coming back bigger, stronger and with the ability to serve you in the manner that we feel you deserve. In addition we will still continue to support the arts at every opportunity we have. The visual artists and musicians have been integral part of Papa and we want to let each and every one of you know of our sincere appreciation of your efforts. You will never be forgotten and we always keep you close to our hearts.
In addition we plan to keep the web-site up as well as our Facebook page. You can feel free to express yourselves or communicate with us as usual. We also have some remote gatherings for Papa patrons in the works and will be sharing these opportunities with you by e-mail further down the road.
So if you haven’t made plans for New Year’s Eve or you have some time on your hands between now and then please feel free to stop by and share a story or two. We will be doing an East Coast New Year’s as usual. That means we pop the corks at 9:00 PM. I will be putting out a spread of small plate selections. The cost for the festivities is $25.00 per person. In Addition we will be featuring the “Mitch Lies Trio” for your musical enjoyment. Mitch is the main reason for music in Papa di Vino and feels it appropriate for him to be playing on our last night. Jodie, Jill and I will be on board to ring the new year with you as well as bid you a fond farewell for now.
In closing it is important for all of you to know that this decision has not come easily for any of us. We will miss you all very very much and look forward to seeing you again further down the road. I am afraid I must close letter before the tears start to flow. Once again we thank each and every one of you for support and look forward to seeing again in the future.
With Best Regards and Respect,
Michael Sullivan (Papa)
Jodie Knight
Jill Loewen
This Saturday Night December 28 A local musical icon will be performing for you this Saturday night December 28. Ed Desmarteau; Formerly of “Little Big Band” for all of us old farts that are still out there and also formerly of “Famous Faces”. Ed is an awesome performer and Papa is honored to have him play for you. I know for myself it’s going to be a nostalgic night of fun memories of days gone by. from 7PM - 10PM